Alcohol and Fertility

With the holiday season upon us, so are social opportunities that include some festive drinking. However if you are TTC (trying to conceive) you may want to think twice before picking up that glass of wine or beer.
In a new study done by researchers from the Harvard Medical School, they found that alcohol consumption may actually interfere with fertility.
Their study looked at 2,500 couples who were currently trying to become pregnant through IVF. While interviewing each couple, they placed them into one of two different groups based on whether or not they regularly consumed alcohol.
After analyzing the data, they found that when women consumed more than 4 drinks per week, their chances of becoming pregnant decreased by 18%. If their spouses drank more than 4 drinks per week, their chances decreased by 14 %. And if both the man and woman drank, their chances were decreased by 26%.
The researchers believe that the results support the belief that alcohol interferes with the body being able to fertilize the egg. They also recommend consuming no more than 1 drink a month if you are TTC. 
Happy Holidays!


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