The Age of Dads To-Be

If you are hoping to become a dad sometime soon and are over 40, there are some things that put you in the driver’s seat in terms of keeping your sperm healthy.

To begin with, watch your weight. Being overweight has been found to lower sperm count and testosterone levels as well. Fortunately, when the weight is lost, the sperm counts and testosterone levels rebound back to normal.

Also, it important for older dads-to-be to cut out smoking and having that after dinner drink as well. A healthy lifestyle leads to healthy sperm.

Unfortunately, even if you doing everything right in terms of living a healthy lifestyle, there are some increased risks associated to just being an “older” dad.
Studies show that as men get older a couple of things happen that can’t be controlled with a healthy lifestyle. One is that with age, DNA damage occurs to the sperm, and the other is that for men after the age of 30, their testosterone levels fall about 1 percent a year.

So, there seems to be a biological clock for men as well. If you are an older dad-to-be, live well and visit your doctor before you start trying!

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