2014 TTC New Year's Resolutions!

So it is that time of year again.  An opportunity to reflect on the time that has passed and look ahead to what the upcoming year has to offer.  There are many of us who have similar goals; lose weight, exercise more, eat better etc…. 

Sometimes the new year is a blatant reminder that another 365 days have passed and I am still don’t have a new little bean in my arms.  So in addition to the standard resolutions, I always find myself throwing a TTC goal on top of the others.  This year will be a little different however, because I am going to focus more on the emotional impact of infertility and TTC. 

I resolve to try to do a better job being present and enjoying what I have right in front of me.  I sometimes find myself spiraling into a dark place of regret and resentment for what has happened (or hasn’t happened) in the past.  I can definitely say that sometimes I benefit from a pity session with the ugly tears, most of the time it isn’t helpful in moving forward and getting me to my goal, a baby.

So to help me with this negative pattern, I am going to adopt a new hobby.  One that will both help fill me with joy and distract me from any negative TTC thoughts that are still looming in my head.  I am also going to add another type of group exercise activity.  I know that I tend to be happier when I am interacting with others and making healthy choices, so if I can do those 2 things together… awesome!

I am also going to continue with some of the tried and true elements of my TTC toolkit; using my OvaCue and Pre-Seed. 

The one new product I may try this year is OvaBoost.  It is a natural supplement that is supposed to increase and strengthen the uterine lining.  Can’t hurt to try! 

Best wishes and much baby dust for 2014!


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