Cervical Mucus: Improving its Fertile Quality

CM: Cervical Mucus and Fertility

Monitoring changes in cervical mucus (CM) is an important element of fertility charting, right along with tracking your basal temperature. In other parts of our Ovulation-Calculator.com, we explain in depth what to look for (see fertility charting) when examining cervical mucus. In a nutshell, you know you are fertile when your CM is present in abundance and stretchable, like egg-white (hence the term, "egg-white CM").

Let's learn a little bit more about why CM is important in conceiving a baby. We'll also take a look at a few natural remedies that may prove effective in helping the body produce better quality cervical mucus - and more of it. Also, we'll look at the product Pre-Seed as an alternative an helper for women who experiencing the problem of dryness, whether naturally or due to the use of fertility drugs like clomid.

What is the fertility function of Cervical Mucus (CM)?

The presence and quality of cervical mucus increases as you approach ovulation. And that's no accident. A great natural fertility indicator, CM also plays a vital role in fertility and conception. How? First of all, sperm have the capacity to survive in a "sperm-friendly" environment for several days. Under very optimum conditions (and given optimum metabolic function), sperm can live up to nearly seven days. The first and primary role of cervical mucus is to provide a hospitable environment for the sperm, and to help nourish and safegaurd the sperm as they travel through the cervix, through the womb, up the fallopian tube, and to the egg. CM also provides a fluid medium that helps precipitate sperm mobility (and motility).

In effect, if fertile-quality cervical mucus is present for sperm, the sperm have the opportunity to not only swim better and safer, but to live longer. If you are trying to conceive, the presence of CM is important because it may increase the time interval in which you are fertile. For example, if you make love prior to ovulation by a few days, the sperm will have a friendly media in which to "wait" until ovum is released from the corpus luteum in the ovary.

Cervical mucus, as noted, goes through many changes during a woman's menstrual cycle, making it an excellent indicator of fertility. During the follicular phase (first half of the cylce), the amount of CM slowly increases and the quality and texture of the mucous becomes increasingly supportive as a healthy medium or resevoir for sperm. As you approach ovulation, CM is like stretchy, raw egg white. It's also clearer (translucent) during this fertile phase. For most of a woman's cycle, the vagina is a not-so-welcoming environment for sperm and shortly following ejaculation, sperm typically die. Fertile cervical mucus, on the other hand, can support and help sperm survive for a number of days.

Products that may help create "fertile-quality cervical mucus"

First of all, if you experience, like many women, the problem of dryness, don't fret. Pre-Seed is a well-known and respected product that is designed to provide moisture and a fertility-friendly environment for sperm. Natural products that may help you produce more cervical mucus naturally include FertileCM and Evening Primrose Oil.

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I noticed this morning a very thick pinkish/brownish almost like a transparent orange type of jelly along with my normal discharge.... I have been feeling slight movement in my womd area, I was late for my period but still got it( although it never bled as much), my breasts have been starting to pain and feel heavier and look a tiny bit bigger, my nipples have tiny holes on the tip, I get a lot of headaches & feel nauseos sometimes for no reason... I have noticed clots when I had my period A few days ago and just this morning the jelly like discharge came,me & my husband have had intercourse a few days ago, this is the first time this happened but everytime think I'm pregnant and take a test it shows negative, I went for a scan and bloodtests, the doctor said he saw nothng on the scan but at the bottom of my womb I saw a small grey ball like thing and I asked a second doctor and she said it could be the very early stages but when I went for blood tests it came out negative..... Can anyone please give me advice on my comment.

Me and my husband have been trying for months to have a baby then we realize that i was not having a cycle or every test i took i still was not pregant. my ? is that i am having trouble about knowing when i am ovalating.

Hi, im 21 and me and my boyfriend want a baby so bad but i misscarried last year and ever since then, i havent been able to get preg again...i think my period is finally back to normal though...it took a while because my body was outa wack....i just dont kno why we arent having any luck...i could use some tips.

Why don't you ladies concieve the old fashioned way? Just have a lot of sex with your husbands? At least 3 or more times a week. Relax and have a good time rediscoving each other, for the purpose of making love, and not 'baby making' . Don't worry so much about all this ovulation testing. Just go with it and have fun. Once the pressure is off you'll concieve.

Hai, i was on clomid this cycle.On CD19 i got EWCM and the other day i got +OPK (CD20 at 5pm) T line have the same colour with the C line..On CD21 the T colour is darker than the C line..On CD22, the T colour is faint..so, when exactly i Ovulated?I only have sex with hubby on CD19 and CD 20.When is my 1st DPO?I'm confused right now and my BBT still 35.88 until CD 23(today) but i got flu right now since i got EWCM.Please help Me.

Me and my husband have been trying for about a year now, were both rather young, and he has 3 children with other women so i know hes fertile. I miscarried about 4 months ago and since then have been using ovulation tests. Keep getting positive results on the days i test, but so far nothing. Im at the part of the waiting for the BFP, took an early pregnancy test and there was a faint blue line in the positive, but thats happened before and i wasnt preg so I dont consider that a positive result. If it fails this time im ready to quit.

I don't understand. My falopian tubes are closed,which makes it impossible to conceive. Is it still normal to bleed during ovulation. I cannot understand this, as I have read that the folicle erupts when it is released. How does it end up in my cervix if the falopian tubes are closed? Could this be a sign thatthey are open now?

My last mensturation date is Aug 27 but when i started keep track of record 1 month it was 28days and 2nd month 38 days.
So how can i know my excat Ovulation period.As i would like to become preg!!!

I'm always having pains on the left hand side of my stomach and have not been pregnant for two years now. please i need your help.

Is anyone using a clear blue fertility monitor (cbfm) to conceive 2nd baby? been using it since March 09 and still no joy yet!

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