Cervical Position and Ovulation Prediction

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Predicting Ovulation by Looking at Cervical Position

In predicting fertility, observing the position of the cervix (located at the lower part of the uterus) can be very instructive. Like cervical fluids, the position and "feel" of the cervix will undergo measurable, tangible change during a woman's menstrual cycle.

By examining your cervix, you can learn to predict ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you are fertility charting, then by recording your cervical position changes, you can establish another coordinate for determining your most fertile time.

Examining Cervical Changes

When conducting any self-exam, make sure that your hands are clean. As with ovulation testing and BBT charting, examination of the cervix should take place at the same time every day. Gently insert one or two fingers into your vagina - and by reaching back you should be able to feel your cervix. During the exam, ask yourself the following questions (but remember, it make take time to "learn" about your body - the positions and feel of your cervix throughout your cycle).

  • Is the position of the cervix relatively low (easy to reach) or high (less easy to reach)?
  • Does the cervix feel relatively soft or firm?
  • Does the opening of the cervix feel open or closed?
  • Is the cervix dry to the touch - or relatively moist - or very moist?

Prior to ovulation - during the first half of your cycle, the cervix will feel relatively firm (like touching your nose) and dry to the touch - and the position of the cervix will be low in your vagina (easy to reach). The entrance of the cervix will feel closed.

However, as you approach ovulation, the cervix will become increasingly soft and will increasingly moisten in order to create a more fertile environment for the sperm. (A product that is designed to help improve the quantity and quality of cervical mucus is called FertileCM.) The entrance of the cervix will feel open and begin to lift. At the highest point, the cervix may be a bit difficult to reach and the entrance of the cervix will increase in size. The feel of your cervix will be softer - like touching your lip. At this point, you are at your most fertile time.

Following ovulation, the cervix begins to return to a firmer state and the entrance will begin to close. Also, the position of the cervix will again drop and become easy to reach.

These changes in cervical position can be monitored and recorded, augmenting fertility charting and helping you pinpoint your window of opportunity for conceiving.


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