Cervical Mucus Changes During Ovulation

Cervical Mucus Analysis in Ovulation Prediction

The presence and tactile consistency of a woman's cervical fluid undergoes a number of changes during her menstrual cycle. By observing changes in cervical fluid, a woman can predict ovulation - her most fertile time for conceiving a baby.

One of the purposes of cervical mucus - during the fertile period - is to sustain sperm in a healthy medium, to allow sperm to move freely through the cervix. Logically, there will be an increase in cervical mucus at ovulation, as well as a change in texture - the mucus becoming more pliable, "stretchable", and slippery. (Two popular products that are designed to address issues relating to lack of cervical mucus include FertileCM and Pre~Seed Sperm Friendly Lubricant.)

Using clean fingers, or if you prefer, toilet paper, you can examine your cervical fluid. Prior to ovulation, during non-fertile periods, the woman will experience a dryness (or lack of cervical mucus). Gradually, as the woman approaches ovulation, the mucus will increase, though the consistency will be "sticky" and the color will be white, yellow, or cloudy in nature.

Directly prior to ovulation, cervical fluid will increase greatly, and now the mucus will be semi-transparent, slippery, with the consistency of "raw egg white". This is your most fertile period and ovulation will take place at about this time.

Below you will find an overview of the changes that will take place in your cervical fluid throughout your cycle.


Following the menstrual period, there is a feeling of dryness. There will be no visible mucus. Gradually, more mucus will accumulate - yellow, cloudy, or white in color and sticky to the touch.

Approaching Ovulation

As you approach ovulation, your cervical mucus will increase. First, there will be a moistness or stickiness to the mucus, as well as a white or cream-colored appearance.

During Ovulation

At ovulation, the quantity of mucus will increase greatly and the appearance will resemble "egg whites", often semitransparent. The texture will become increasingly slippery and 'stretchable'. This is your most fertile time.

Following Ovulation

Following ovulation, the slippery quality of the cervical mucus will decrease and the mucus will become sticky and cloudier. Post-ovulatory dryness will also ensue.

Additionally, while examining changes in cervical fluids, you may also consider observing cervical position. Like changes in cervical fluids, changes in your cervix are also an indicator of ovulation and fertility.


I've recently had a Tubal Ligation Reversal, on 8/8/14. My left tube was totally cauterized from a sterilization I had had in 2009, therefore, the right tube was successful reattached. A stent was left inside my right Fallopian tube, to keep it opened, during the healing process. The stent was removed on 10/10/14, by operation under general anaesthetic. I had developed post operation infection, which caused me to bleed from 10/17/14-10/23/14. On 10/18/14, I went to see a doctor, who prescribed antibiotics and other meds, to clear up the infection and stop the bleeding. The bleeding stopped within two to three days, but I discontinued the antibiotics, as I wanted a break so I can have sex to conceive! I know it's a foolish to have discontinued my antibiotics, but I am very anxious to conceive. Following the day my bleeding stops, for two days I did not secrete vaginal mucus. However, on the third day, I started to secrete stretchy, cloudy white and small amount of clear mucus-which occurred three days after my bleeding stopped-and lasted for about a day. I had sex on the day that I had stretchy vaginal mucus-with the hope to conceive. Could it be that I'm ovulation that quickly, after the bleeding, or could it be that inspite of the bleeding, I was really ovulating, following my previous month's normal period? I really need to be enlightened on this matter.
Thank you

Hello... So I had sex unprotected Monday April 1st and Tuesday am experienced egg white thick sticky mucus... I just started a new bc pack today. Tuesday the 2nd... I took Sunday and today Tuesday once I got it 9pm... Tomorrow I will take Monday and wed. To be on track... Is there any way I could have/be fertilizing an egg as we speak... I am assuming I was ovulating Monday to today and had sex Monday... And I took my bc but I highly doubt that'll do anything if I was ready ovulating and there was sperm In me..... Can anyone help its kinda hard to explain

We are tying for our 2 baby towards the end of december i was sick and was sick for a couple weeks well i was 8 days in January. So now im totally off and don't know when i ovulate or why i was even late. The last 3 month's i started the 1st of each month. I just dont know what's going on with my body. I really want a baby, if there is any help feel free to write. Thank you!

I didn't experience egg white when I tested positive wit ovulation predict kit. I only experienced cloudy sticky mucus, how will I know my most fertile days

am also getting irregular periods and am trying 2 concieve i lost my baby in 2010 but died from the womb when it was 4months untill then i have never concieved pliz help

When is the best time to take fertomid? Is it the 5th day of my periods or the fifth day after my periods. If my last day was the 3rd, should I count that 5 days from the last day(3rd) or from the first day of my periods?

my cycle is 28days and have a 7 year old daughter, am struggling to conceive. Have a regular periods after laparoscopy and was on fertomid for two cycles.Me and my hubby haVe sex once/twice during my ovulation period as we are separated by our jobs. Do you think one or two days will make it for a baby?
Lady C.

im 29 and ive got 2 girls already. we are trying for a boy. im reguly checking my ovulating dates. we do have sex on the right days. how long should i wait before i take a pregnancy test

I have been searching the web and have been unable to find an answer to this question:

My period came 6 days late last month (almost unheard of for me!) I am typically a 26-30 day cycle. I am so confused as to what this means for ovulation. Is it likely that I will ovulate at the standard "12-16" days following my last period, even though it was 6 days late? I am having difficulty figuring out what the actual "trigger" is for ovulation. I quit smoking last month, which is probably why my period was late (for anyone who has quit, it is pretty stressful!!). But because my period was late, does that likely mean I ovulated late too last month?

So confused about this whole thing!

Thanks Smile

my cirle is 28 days when is it right for me concieve and bear
a baby boy? I saw my period on 5th December and it stoped on 10th december. please when is my ovulation period and when can I meet my partner to concieve a baby boy? Please I need help now.

Thank you.

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