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As we know, the journey to parenthood can often be a rollercoaster. You have days of excitement and elation, in addition to those of disappointment and uncertainty. Let's travel this wonderful journey together and make some new friends along the way!

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Laughin'fertilityIf you have read, Conception Chronicles and enjoyed it, there is a good chance you will like the book, Laughin’fertility as well!

Can a Low Carb/High Protein Diet Keep You From Getting Pregnant?

Fertility DietSo you have decided that now is the time to start your TTC (Trying to Conceive) journey.  You have bought your thermometer for BBT temping, purchased some Pre-Seed and are just waiting for your ovulation test strips to give you the green light. 


Hypnopuncture for FertilityHave you been thinking about adding acupuncture or hypnosis to your fertility treatment plan?  If so, there is a great opportunity for those of you in the Vancouver BC area!

Is It Normal To Spot Before Your Period?

Is an IUI a Good Option For You?

IUIWhat is an IUI?

If you have been TTC for awhile, you have probably heard the term IVF (in-vitro fertilization.  But for couples who are struggling to get pregnant, your doctor may also suggest trying an IUI.  But what is it?

Male Infertility Issues: Could It Be Him?

Male InfertilityWhen infertility is discussed, most of the time doctors first look to the woman.  This is understandable since we have more reproductive parts and of course our cycle to contend with. I would also guess that it is because the woman is the first to seek medical consultation and is most proactive in getting tested. 

Fun Fact About Sperm!

Sperm and SemenWhat percentage of semen is actually sperm?

A. 1-5%
B. 10-15%
C. More than 50%

If you guessed A, you were right!!!

Can you believe that only 1-5% of semen is actually sperm?  The next question is what makes up the rest of it, right? 

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Can an Infection Cause a Miscarriage?

Infection and MiscarriageI was talking with a group of friends, two of whom had recently had miscarriages and they were sharing their heartbreaking stories with us.  At some point in the conversation, one of the gals drew attention to the fact that both of them had been sick prior to losing their babies. 

That got me thinking.......

Male Infertility May Be Caused By A Missing Protein

Male Infertility CausesThe protein called DEFB126 is proving to solve some mysteries of male infertility.

How Can I Get Pregnant With an Irregular Cycle?

Ectopic PregnancyOne thing we do know is that every woman is different in her cycle length.  If you are one of the lucky ones, your period comes at about the same time every cycle without much suspense.  But even those with predominately consistent cycles will have a blip every now and then.  Stress, illness, medications and exercise are known interrupters of r

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Increase your chances of getting pregnant! Our Ovulation Calculator will help you predict when you ovulate - your prime time for becoming pregnant.

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