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Fat Eggs

Another reason to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle!

There is now scientific evidence that links obesity to infertility.  A researcher from the University of Adelaide, Australia focused on how obesity affects a woman’s eggs. What she found was that eggs stored in the ovaries are damaged when a woman’s diet is high in fat.  These eggs are not able to mature into normal and healthy embryos.

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Bone Marrow Restores Fertility In Female Mice

In a news article from Medical News Today, a study was conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital involving sterile mice and bone marrow.  These mice had been given chemotherapy that had made them infertile.  Then, one to eight weeks following the chemotherapy, the scientists then gave the mice bone marrow transplants from other healthy mice.

Will I Have A Boy Or A Girl?

We hear many different theories from our friends about how to make sure you have a boy or girl, but here is an article that has a little different twist to it!

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Seeds and Fertility...?

Trying to conceive? Doctors recommend eating seeds!

As part of a fertility friendly diet, women who are hoping to become pregnant may actually strengthen their fertility health by eating pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds each day. This is because these seeds are rich in zinc, which helps to produce and balance hormones.

In fact, the gypsies have known about the power of pumpkin seeds for many years. They have included them in their diet to help their overall gynecological health.

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